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Business Travel Risk Management

Travel Risk Intelligence Portal

  • Country and city-specific medical and security information, risk ratings and assessments
  • Real-time health and security alerts
  • Medical and travel-related practical tools

The Travel Risk Intelligence Portal (TRIP) is GCS’ proprietary business traveler intelligence tool for travel risk management.

Dedicated to providing 24/7 online critical health and security  risk-related intelligence to business travelers, expatriates and managers, TRIP allows your organization to fulfill its basic duty of care obligations towards its mobile employees.

By providing business travelers and expatriates with information about the potential medical and security risks during their journey or while on assignment, your organization can ensure its mobile workforce has sufficient knowledge of the risk and can act to mitigate it.

TRIP offers useful tools and intelligence designed to provide your employees with the necessary knowledge to plan and prepare for a trip. By receiving the latest health and security risk-related intelligence and creating the link to 24/7 support in case of an emergency, TRIP is an essential risk information tool for your organization.

TRIP expertise offers employees real-time travel alerts and trip briefings throughout the life cycle of their trip: destination health and medical information, destination safety and security information, risk mitigation tips, key contact information, general travel insight and more. Mobile employees can currently access 195 country guides and over 250 city guides.

Your customized TRIP provides your mobile employees with following real-time and destination-based health, security and travel-related features:

  • Country and city-specific medical and security information, risk ratings and assessments
  • Global news and real-time health and security alerts
  • Medical providers within Europ Assistance’s global medical network
  • Drug name translations
  • Disease awareness fact sheets
  • Medical phrasebook
  • Information about your medical evacuation program and emergency help tool
  • Travel prevention