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International TPA Services

Travel for Treatment

  • Corporate Medical Network™
  • U.S. Cost Containment
  • Large Claim Review and Audit
  • 24/7 Medical Case Management & Emergency Assistance
  • Claims Management & Repricing 

GCS has been managing regional and international Travel for Treatment programs (organization of care abroad) on behalf of health insurance companies, government entities, and their insured members for over 15 years.

Our North American and international proprietary provider network, medical case management, strong claims processing systems, customized services and technology are all seamlessly interwoven to ensure patients receive the best-possible medical care when seeking medical treatment outside their country of residence, while reducing and controlling our clients’ risks and costs.

Whether their country of residence does not offer adequate medical care, their condition cannot be treated locally, or whether they simply want to have access to a specific facility or team who's achieved international recognition, our clients and their insured members will benefit from access to some of the best medical facilities in the world, along with a complete suite of leading assistance services.


Privacy Policy

A strong partnership with insurers and excellent health facilities

GCS’ Travel for Treatment program has partnered with leading healthcare facilities around the world and is well-equipped to answer the needs of a variety of clients and their insured members, such as:


  • Private and public insurers wishing to reduce their costs while retaining a high level of care for their members
  • High net-worth individuals wishing to receive world-class care in a very modern facility while ensuring their privacy
  • Corporations who desire to offer their employees access to top level healthcare options.


A number of health facilities with an international reputation for their excellent specialist care have already decided to join forces with the Europ Assistance Group to offer quality care to its clients. More partnerships are under negotiation with other first rate hospitals around the world.

Large volumes of treatment abroad

Our ability to provide organization of care abroad is supported by our capacity to master large volumes of treatment abroad. Whether developed as a regional or international program, GCS’s highly trained and experienced medical management team works together to manage all aspects of a case; from initial contact to completion of medical treatment.


Every year, GCS handles thousands of cases:

  • from the Bahamas, Bermuda and other Caribbean countries to the U.S.A.
  • from French Polynesia, to New Zealand, Australia and France.
  • from Chad to Tunisia, Cameroon and France.
  • from Libya to Tunisia.
  • from Angola to South Africa (Johannesburg).
  • from Algeria to France, Switzerland and the UK.


The choice of the destination is always made by our medical doctors in the best interest of the patient’s health, in line with the program chosen with the corporate client and in coordination with the patient’s and his family’s sensitiveness.