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Remote Medical & Security Services

Organization of Medical Care Abroad

  • International medical transport
  • Medical care coordination
  • Support services to patients
  • Claims adjudication
  • Continuous communication
  • Safe return home

Often the case in developing countries, even non-acute medical conditions are not able to be treated locally due to the lack of local medical resources. In these cases, GCS can set up travel for treatment programs based on our local resources and long-standing experience in organizing medical care abroad in Oceania, the Caribbean Islands and the African continent.

From initial contact to completion of medical treatment and safe return home, our highly trained and experienced medical management team works together to manage all aspects of a member’s case, and ensure that they gain access to and receive the most appropriate treatment at the best healthcare specialists and facilities from around the world.

Our medical and logistics teams handle the complete cycle of organization of medical care abroad:

International medical transport

Enabled via air ambulance or commercial flight.

Medical care coordination

Handling medical, administrative and logistical tasks throughout the patient’s journey.

Support services to patients

Professional translators and personalized accompaniment personnel to help patients feel at ease in destination countries with different environments, languages and lifestyles.

Claims adjudication

Controlling related invoices to ensure no mistakes are made on charged services.

Continuous communication

Ensure the medical treatment of the patient and the well-being of the patient and their family, as well as guarantee all people involved know their respective roles, targets, and duties.

Safe return home

Transportation defined by the organization and organized by the GCS teams (a medical escort may be required).