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Institutions, IGOs & NGOs



Global institutions, Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) & Non-profit organizations (NGOs) have a special status and way of operating. Their mission is to be present where people are lacking of all essentials of life: good environmental conditions, health and security.

Employees working for these organizations live in the same conditions as the people they have to support, and they must continue their mission without being concerned by life threatening factors or difficult access to international standards medical care.


GCS provides these organizations with solutions:

  • To maintain international standards of medical care close to their operations, for international and local employees through the EA IHS Medical Centers or specific healthcare programs
  • To evacuate, when necessary, individuals or large groups to nearest centers of excellence for treatment or to their country of origin where no other solution is available or according to the organizations’ internal policy.

GCS is conscious about the control of budget and resources allocated by Global institutions, Intergovernmental organizations & Non-profit organizations (NGOs) to health and security services. We participate to these efforts by continuous cost-control, detailed reporting and advice to implement best practices.


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Medical Assistance


Disease Prevention Programs


Organization of Medical Care Abroad


Medical Emergency Response Planning


International TPA Services


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