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Energy, Mining, Offshore & Maritime



The energy, mining and maritime sectors share 2 common issues when it comes to protecting their workforce: remoteness and high risk processes.


Employees working in isolated or underdeveloped areas are confronted with a lack of quality local medical care, contaminated food and water, unsafe local medications as well as an increased risk of being infected with serious diseases.


They may also be located in hostile environments with natural disasters and security threats. These factors, cumulated with other occupational health risks inherent to the work (physical stress, chemical exposures), may badly affect employees’ health and well-being if not taken into consideration prior to the project start. Employers taking action to best prevent their employees from facing these risks not only ensure a healthy workforce throughout the project but also fulfill their duty of care obligations towards their employees.


GCS works with some of the largest companies in the energy, mining and maritime industries all over the world. From the start of a project to its finalization, GCS accompanies organizations to ensure the good health and safety of their on-site workforce and subsequent project sustainability. We offer a wide range of health, safety and security services and insured solutions for organizations operating with high risk processes in remote locations.


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