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Protecting their workforce and ensuring business continuity has become an increasingly more complex issue for employers operating beyond their own borders. With the increasing probability of facing high profile health and security threats such a flu pandemic or a terrorist attack to suddenly falling ill or getting injured in a road accident whilst abroad, business travelers and expatriates are all the more exposed to these risks when they are not prepared.


In the past few years employers have been increasingly pinpointed for their responsibility, whether financial, legal as well as moral, to protect their employees on assignment. Real life examples show that employers’ poor or lack of risk mitigation strategies may lead to severe consequences on business operations sustainability and cost containment with costly medical bills and evacuations, early return of expatriates on assignment and litigation by employees.


GCS supports corporations in mitigating health and security risks faced by their business travelers and expatriates. Our services and insured solutions cater for various industries: utilities; consumer goods; consumer & commercial services; technology; media; travel and leisure; healthcare; financials and education.


Medical Emergency Response Planning


Fit2Go - Occupational Health Program


Travel Risk Intelligence Portal




Risk Management Platform (Traveler Tracking)


Medical Assistance


Security Assistance


Crisis Management


Cost Containment


Travel for Treatment