Whatever the activity or the type of an international organization, GCS, a global Healthcare Management Company, can provide the best solution.

Each organization is facing an increasingly more complex global environment. Our interlocutors are Human Resources, Risks, Travel, Security Medical or HSE managers who come to us with the same concerns about the management of the health, safety or security of their employees, local or international.

Our exposure to multiple situations, environments, and organizations makes us experts in the comprehensive analysis of their needs and the proposal of standard, adapted and fully customized solutions.


  Protecting their workforce and ensuring business continuity has become an increasingly more complex issue for employers operating beyond their own borders. With the increasing [...]

Institutions, IGOs & NGOs

  Global institutions, Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) & Non-profit organizations (NGOs) have a special status and way of operating. Their mission is to be present where [...]

Insurance companies & Captives

  Insurance brokers, captives and insurance companies looking for support to successfully navigate the increasingly complex global healthcare system with economic ease. GCS provides health [...]