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Remote Medical & Security Services

Health & Security Consulting

  • Health Risk Assessment


  • Audit and Health System Design & Set Up


  • Security Risk Assessment


  • Health Impact Assessment

We offer health & security consulting to ensure organizations are well prepared to anticipate and mitigate potential health and security risks faced by both their employees and surrounding communities.

Health Risk Assessment

GCS conducts Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) around the world by following strict guidelines put forth by leading associations such as OGP and IPIECA, or based on the organization’s specific protocols.


Numerous health risk categories are assessed:

  • Geographical
  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Biological
  • Psychosocial


All our HRAs come with a complete report remitted to the organization and including a Risk Assessment Matrix, ranking health risks based on severity and likelihood to cause ill health.

Audit and Health System Design & Set Up

Our site audits assess all the resources already available on site or in the vicinity, and match them with the size and range of medical support needed for the project to establish clear recommendations on the resources needed to be mobilized specifically for the project.


This holistic approach enables organizations to avoid mobilizing unwarranted resources and make use of existing resources locally, thus also reinforcing their compliance with local content requirements while providing their workforce with quality healthcare.

Security Risk Assessment

Helping your organization improve its Security Management Plan through a security risk assessment allows reducing the financial and human impact in the event of a security issue. Our Security Risk Assessments are conducted by our global risk management partner, Drum Cussac. Their risk Audits utilise the results of Desktop Risk Assessments produced by their in-house Information Services department, adding ‘ground truth’ into the Security Risk Assessment.


Your assets, i.e. people, property, profits and reputation, are first characterized before examining relevant threats and understanding the vulnerabilities to those threats. The resultant security risks are analyzed in terms of Likelihood and Impact to produce both quantitative and qualitative understanding of existing risk profiles.


Each Security Risk Assessment we carry out concludes by recommending new or improved risk mitigation countermeasures for consideration within your Security Management Plan.

Health Impact Assessment

Our Health Impact Assessments (HIA) are systematic analysis of projects, plans, programs, and policies undertaken by government or the private sector. They:


  • Engages project proponents, key stakeholders, and community concerns in a systematic, collaborative decision-making process
  • Predicts the consequences (positive, negative or both) of different project alternatives
  • Identifies positive health effects while it prioritizes prevention of potential negative health effects
  • Identifies the project’s most critical potential health effects
  • Identifies potential mitigations of negative impacts while reinforcing positive aspects of a project