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Business Travel Risk Management


  • Increase productivity levels and talent retention
  • Improve well-being of mobile workforce
  • Ensure employees are fit to work
  • Reduce accident rates and absenteeism

As well as increasing productivity levels and talent retention through improved well-being of their mobile workforce, ensuring employees are fit to work is critical for organizations who want to reduce accident rates and absenteeism.

We support employers in controlling the financial liabilities associated with sickness, injuries and absence among their global workforce. Helping employers fulfill their essential duty of care obligations, ensure the business continuity of their projects abroad, and retain talent through good work conditions are all benefits of our Fit2Go occupational health solution.

Fit2Go includes:

  • Identify gaps in existing procedures and make recommendations
  • Support to build your protocols and program with an occupational health expert
  • Accompany the set-up of your policy throughout your organization
  • Organize and control medical appointments
  • Collect and consolidate medical data through reporting
  • Issue fit-to-work certificates or unfit-to-work notifications
Prevention & Well-being
  • Provide reporting on occupational health activities
  • Analyze risks exposure and specific concerns among population segments
  • Build an adapted well-being program