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Business Travel Risk Management


  • Critical knowledge mobile employees need to travel, avoid risks and return home safely
  • Impactful videos, assessments and interactive sessions
  • Risk mitigation modules that follow the travel life cycle

Knowledge is power and what separates our clients from their competitors is their willingness to go that extra mile, to be successful.

Our eLearning courses educate and arm travelers with the critical knowledge they need to travel, avoid risks and return home safely. Tailored to your organization's needs and policies, this tiered system matches the profile of individual travelers, from novice to experienced. Organizations can set their own level for testing and can monitor travelers’ attendance and results, with successful completion of the course providing an audit trail for compliance.

Scenarios are brought to life through impactful videos, assessments and interactive sessions that provide insight into specific skills and practices associated with international travel for business professionals. Developed by experienced travelers, expatriates and international security professionals, our eLearning is comprised of risk mitigation modules that follow the travel life cycle covering the below topics:

  • How to plan
  • Documentation
  • What to pack
  • How to do a map reconnaissance
  • Preparation checklists
Outbound travel
  • Real-life stories on travel scenarios
  • What to do upon arrival
  • Top hotel tips
  • Hotel room safety
  • Destination checklists
On location
  • How to blend in
  • Real-life stories on international locations
  • Understanding other cultures
  • Local transportation
  • Hijackings
  • Health & hygiene
  • Traveling with family
Incidents abroad
  • Trauma theory
  • How to avoid crime
  • Petty crime & muggings
  • Hawkers & beggars
  • Women’s safety
  • Kidnapping
  • Civil unrest
  • Cyber crime
  • Industrial espionage
  • Managing serious incidents
  • Local journey checklists
  • Identifying scams
  • Cultural differences
  • Confronting aggressors
  • Counter espionage
Coming home
  • What to take
  • Real-life return stories
  • Return journey checklists