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GCS Headquarters

GCS Headquarters are located in Saint Denis, France. Key functions are managed by experienced people, all having an international background and knowledge of the field, able to address the needs of our clients and offer solutions with the best adapted services.

Emmanuel Légeron - Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuel Légeron

  Emmanuel Légeron

Chief Executive Officer


As Chief Executive Officer of Europ Assistance - Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) since 2006, Emmanuel Légeron is the craftsman of the creation of the Europ Assistance Group's International Health Division dedicated to the international corporate market. Working for the Group since 1996, Emmanuel has occupied several positions within different Europ Assistance companies and territories, making him a key player in GCS' growth and in the transformation of our trade towards more integration and innovation in approaching the markets and in the delivery of our services.

Eric Ménard - Chief Financial Officer

Eric Ménard

  Eric Ménard

Chief Financial Officer


As GCS' Chief Financial Officer since 2011, Eric Ménard is responsible for the GCS' financial good health thanks to his expertise in managing resources as varied as the ones required by GCS' 3 business lines. His positions in auditing and financial control since 1998 in various international industries in Europe as well as in America have led him to successfully manage complex cross-disciplinary topics.

Dr. Matt Kalina, MD - Chief Medical Officer

Eric Ménard

  Dr. Matt Kalina, MD

Chief Medical Officer


As GCS’ Chief Medical Officer (CMO) since 2014, Dr. Kalina is responsible for supporting the set-up and delivery of GCS’ worldwide clinical governance across all company locations and three primary business lines - Remote Medical & Security Services, Business Travel Risk Management, and International TPA & Cost Containment. In addition, he is also responsible for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) compliance for GCS worldwide, as well as the coordination of all medical departments across GCS’ entities. Prior to joining GCS, he was the Associate Director of Professional Services for the McGill University Health Centre, a world renowned university hospital for the last 10 years and also acted as a consultant for air ambulance, travel insurance and reinsurance companies, and the World Bank. Dr. Kalina has also been involved full time in the past in the assistance industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and as the medical leader of Montreal’s EMS.


Dr. Kalina holds a medical degree from the University of Montreal, as well as a Diploma in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from McGill University. He has also authored several articles for scientific publications.

Dr. David Polleau - Medical Operations Director

Dr David Polleau

  Dr. David Polleau

Medical Operations Director


Dr. David Polleau is an Emergency Medical Doctor and GCS' Medical Director since 2007. All of GCS' credibility in offering medical solutions, beyond logistical aspects, lies within David's missions, including but not least, to approve our protocols, procedures and rules applied both on remote sites and during medical evacuations, as well as to consolidate the expertise of GCS' 250 medical and paramedical staff to benefit our clients.

David contributes all his experience and his exposure to numerous rich and varied situations in sport and industrial contexts in order to guarantee the safety of our clients' members and beneficiaries. His expertise in managing medical cases remotely makes him a key resource for GCS in front of the evolution of international medical practice, telemedicine in particular.

Emilia Robakowski - ICT & Business Excellence Manager

Emilia Robakowski

  Emilia Robakowski

ICT & Business Excellence Manager


As GCS' ICT & Business Excellence Manager since 2007, Emilia Robakowski is the project manager our expert tools used by GCS teams and provided to our clients. Concerned with maintaining constant and intelligent integration, Emilia insures the reliability, availability and efficiency of our operational flow management solutions, some owned by GCS, as well as the strict confidentiality of medical data processed by our international medical teams. Since joining the Europ Assistance Group in 2002, Emilia has broadened her experience in the diversity of the assistance industry, and in confronted challenges in terms of innovation and integration.

Rym Ben Saada - Head of Operations & Coordination & Control Center

Tony De Tand

  Rym Ben Saada

Head of Operations & Coordination & Control Center (C3)


As GCS' Head of Operations and in charge of the Coordination & Control Center (C3) since 2014, Rym Ben Saada integrates and coordinates the provision of services and medical, logistical, and operational solutions promised to our clients with one aim, mission and challenge: excellence, 24/7. Her 9-year experience in the international medical assistance industry have led her to successfully manage complex 24/7 operations worldwide.