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Our History

In 1963, with the help of Generali Group, Europ Assistance came into being by inventing a totally pioneering concept: assistance.


To the sole financial guarantee of insurance, Europ Assistance added an assistance offer covering risks, accidents, travel and everyday life, reflecting changes in society. From then on, everyone could live, drive around, travel or set out in complete peace of mind, knowing that they would be rescued and assisted in every type of situation.


Over time, Europ Assistance has changed its concept of assistance, transcending all borders, by anticipating changes in society. Today, as our clients’ activities are increasingly becoming international, intervening in even more demanding environments, it was Europ Assistance’s duty to create a specialized structure in order to help global organizations close on the field.


Europ Assistance - Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) is the division dedicated to International Corporations, Institutions and Global Organizations and Health carriers. GCS is able to provide worldwide Remote Medical & Security Services, Business Travel Risk Management and International TPA Services.


The Europ Assistance Timeline








Europ Assistance is celebrating its 50 years of expertise at the service of its 300 million customers around the world.


Europ Assistance launches its Facebook page ( to unite the community of men and women who experience 'Next Moments' around its brand and its values. "The Next moments", all of these happy and shared instances in life which result from the resolution of a particular stage in a decidedly upbeat tone.


The Group has 8,000 employees of which 4,700 assistance coordinators.





3 million motorists receive breakdown assistance from the Group in 2012.


The Group opens a Twitter account @EAGroup.


The Europ Assistance Group's International Health Insurance (IHS) division becomes Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) and opens a subsidiary in Nigeria this same year.


34,500 air tickets are issued to repatriate the Group's customers.





APRIL 2011: Europ Assistance France takes over "Bien Être à la Carte", a subsidiary of Edenred (previously Accor Services) and teams up with Malakoff Méderic to bolster its development in health, services for the family and home.





The Group adopts a new worldwide slogan: you live we care.


Since late 2010, all Europ Assistance employees in the world have been online and in permanent contact via EA-live, the Group's internal information 2.0 platform.


The Europ Assistance Group makes social entrepreneurship its major undertaking in terms of corporate social responsibility and teams up with Ashoka, the biggest international association in the field, to directly contribute to the development of this model in 10 countries. This partnership runs until 2015.





Europ Assistance joins forces with the Bradesco Seguros Group to create an EA Brazil joint venture. It is one of the Group's biggest companies in terms of workforce.





Continued geographical expansion of the Group with the acquisition of 2 companies in the USA: GMMI in the field of Health in Florida and CSA Travel Protection in San Diego, in the field of Travel.IHS continues its development in Africa and sets up a company in Angola.


The Europ Assistance Group tests a proposed interactive solution for remote medicine in isolated environments throughout the "Vendée Globe" around-the-world yacht race, a performance which testifies to its capacity to innovate in all situations





Launch of the Group's global e-commerce platform: Plug & Sell, the first online insurance solution which is entirely made-to-measure and especially designed for travelers, tour operators and airlines. Plug&Sell would be deployed in 24 countries in its first year.


The Europ Assistance Group's sales break through the €1 billion mark.


Europ Assistance opens a company in India. Operations would start in 2008 in the field of automotive assistance.


The Chief Executive Officer of Europ Assistance, Martin Vial, publishes "the Care Revolution". This work formalizes the concept of Care Services, a new generation of personalized assistance services which are more human and more high-tech. They now represent the foundations for Europ Assistance's development.


30 November. The founder of Europ Assistance, Pierre Desnos, passes away. He was 90 years of age.





In North America, the Group enters the Canadian market with a full takeover of the Canadian Medical Network, specialized in management of medical networks and services on the North American continent. Europ Assistance International Health Solutions (IHS) opens a subsidiary in Chad.






12 December 2005. Launch of a new visual identity for the Europ Assistance Group reflecting its new ambitions defined in 2004 as part of the Columbus Plan.


Already implemented in China through a representative office, Europ Assistance reinforce its ambitions in Asia by obtaining an operating license from the Chinese authorities. This one enables Europ Assistance to develop its business in China via a company that is 100% controlled by the Group.





Launch of the Columbus Plan, a strategic global initiative primarily based on the development of two new activities: Health and Home & Family assistance. With the Columbus Plan, Europ Assistance sets itself new goals to reclaim its worldwide leadership on the sector.


Tsunami. 26 December 2004. Following the tidal waves which devastated Southeast Asia, the Europ Assistance Group sets-up a crisis cell in order to coordinate operations for all 15 of the Group's subsidiaries concerned by the disaster. The total human cost for the Europ Assistance Group is a heavy one (115 injured, 18 dead, 53 missing). The Europ Assistance Group mobilizes 150 employees on a 24/7 basis to handle over 1,000 customers and charters a flying hospital, the first in its history.


The Group pushes ahead with its development on the American continent, opens a subsidiary in Chile and acquires the Icare company - French leader for mechanical breakdown warranties.





The Generali Group initiates a full takeover of the Europ Assistance Group following the withdrawal of the Fiat Group, which previously held a 40% stake.





Europ Assistance sets up in Russia and also opens a subsidiary in the Czech Republic.





Launch of the first pan-European holiday Barometer Conducted among a sample of 3,500 Europeans (French, Germans, British, Italians, Spanish, Belgians and Austrians), this survey, which would become a benchmark in the field and is now conducted by the French market research firm Ipsos, is intended as an annual estimation of the travel plans of nationals from the countries concerned, their motivations, the destinations and the type of trip preferred.


Europ Assistance adopts a new global slogan: "With you all the way" which affirms the brand's determination to be a reference partner in exceptional and everyday circumstances.





The Group extends its international reach with the opening of four new subsidiaries in Singapore, Switzerland, Hungary and Argentina. To pursue an ambitious strategy internationally, a new Holding company based in France ensuring centralized management of the Group has been created.


The Europ Assistance Group launches its first website,, a multilingual portal enabling its customers to access all of its corporate and commercial news online.


Following a coach crash in Turkey, around twenty Japanese customers are repatriated in record time aboard a Boeing 747. A 15-strong medical team and 1.8T of medical equipment are needed to successfully conduct this operation.





The Group's international development picks up pace with the creation of Europ Assistance Brazil, Poland and Austria as well as Europ Assistance VAI in Italy. The latter takes charge of automotive assistance for the entire Italian motorway network. This service has since been extended to the national road network.





The Fiat Group takes a 40% stake in Europ Assistance. Generali now has a 53% stake in Europ Assistance.





The Group pushes ahead with its development in Europe with the opening of Europ Assistance Portugal.





Europ Assistance adopts a new slogan to accompany the development of its activities: "Vivez, nous faisons le reste" ("You live, we do the rest").


In this same year, the Europ Assistance Group performs 740,000 interventions worldwide and boasts a workforce of 1300 (of whom 361 in France).





Europ Assistance enters the Asian market by opening a representative office in China.





After Europe and America, Europ Assistance develops on a third continent, Africa, via its subsidiary in South Africa.





Europ Assistance develops on the American continent and opens a subsidiary in the USA.


Europ Assistance extends the scope of its activities and launches an innovative offer including advice, information and assistance to meet the problems of everyday life.





Opening of a subsidiary in Germany.





On 11 July, in the middle of the summer holidays, a tanker truck carrying 25 tons of propene explodes near the "Los Alfaques" campsite in Spain, killing over 200 holiday makers and injuring a further 200. Europ Assistance is fully mobilized to assist its numerous customers caught up in this disaster.


Europ Assistance Belgium charters the first "Avion des Neiges" (snow plane) to repatriate Belgian nationals injured while skiing in the French Alps. This operation grabs the media spotlight in Belgium and has been repeated every year since.





Europ Assistance pursues its development in Southern Europe with the opening of a subsidiary in Spain.


Europ Assistance celebrates its 10 millionth customer and introduces the first contracts covering remote destinations such as Brazil and Kenya.





Fire on the liner Heleanna with 1200 passengers aboard. Europ Assistance springs into action at the service of its customers.





After Belgium, Europ Assistance opens a second subsidiary in Southern Europe, in Italy.





Europ Assistance offers its French customers a USA-Canada-Mexico subscription.





Europ Assistance signs an agreement with Marcel Dassault for the permanent provision of a Falcon 20 aircraft in a special medically equipped version.





One year after its creation, Europ Assistance opens its first subsidiary outside of France, in Belgium. The international adventure is under way.






After a serious accident involving friends in Spain, Pierre Desnos realizes the role that might be played by a company specialized in emergency services for subscribers in difficulty. Although the idea is well intentioned, putting it into practice seems utopian. Raising funds is problematic but Pierre Desnos sticks to his task. He meets André Rosa, chairman of La Concorde insurance Group, who gives him the backing needed to achieve his goal.


So it is that on 25 March, Pierre Desnos files Europ Assistance with the French business registry as a service for the protection of people travelling abroad.


On 2 May, an opening ceremony organized at the aerodrome of Toussus-le-Noble, near Paris, formalizes the creation of the firm and the invention of a groundbreaking concept and totally new profession: assistance, an offer covering risks and losses whether during travel or in everyday life. Europ Assistance begins trading in Paris, France with 12 permanent employees and 17 correspondents. As many as 160 assistance interventions are conducted in this first year.