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Business Travel Risk Management

Security Assistance

  • Pre-travel advice
  • Emergency notification service
  • Travel security advice
  • Emergency transportation and security escorts
  • Evacuation coordination
  • Kidnap for ransom support

Being on business assignment abroad means potentially facing medical issues, as well as security threats. Considering the increase and rapid change of these threats, business travelers and expatriates need to receive the appropriate information and response to remain safe whilst abroad. Ensuring people’s safety is our critical aim but we also help businesses keep their assets safe in case of emergency to ensure business continuity.

With one phone call, mobile employees and their managers can contact GCS’ multilingual 24/7 Security Response Center, operated in partnership with Drum Cussac, to receive front-line security assistance. With GCS you get access to:

Pre-travel advice

In-depth pre-travel security and personal safety advice available 24/7 over the phone

Emergency notification service

We proactively send out alerts, including bulk messaging to international travelers and expatriates so they will be better prepared for taking appropriate actions. We can impart key and critical information rapidly to a large number of recipients in a variety of locations simultaneously.

Travel security advice

During any period of uncertainty or tension, one call to our 24/7 security response center gives immediate access to protection advice and well-informed next steps.

Emergency transportation and security escorts

Immediate concerns can often be addressed through highly-qualified local assistance that we can facilitate.

Evacuation coordination

We coordinate all aspects needed to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel out of high-risk environments in what are often rapidly deteriorating conditions.

Kidnap for ransom support

We have ready access to highly specialized consultants whose utmost priority is securing the victim’s safe release with minimum disruption and financial loss to the family or organization.