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Business Travel Risk Management

Crisis Management

  • Tailor-made & tested crisis response plans
  • 24/7 worldwide evacuation capabilities
  • Software for proper tracking & reporting
  • Database on medical facilities
  • An extensive experience

Over the course of our 50 year history and currently with more than 300 million covered members, Europ Assistance has been at the frontline of almost every major crisis.

Our capacity to take timely decisions and efficiently deploy expert medical care directly to crisis nerve centers enables us to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees. We consider a crisis an unexpected or extreme event which occurs or threatens to occur or risks endangering your:

  • employees life or health
  • public image
  • means of production or financial situation

In the event of a crisis, Europ Assistance - Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) calls upon the Europ Assistance Group’s worldwide capabilities and expertise to successfully handle the situation. 

Tailor-made & tested crisis response plans
  • Identify all needed human and material resources
  • Specify respective roles, activation modes and restrictions
  • Enable to regularly conduct drills
24/7 worldwide evacuation capabilities

We have 112 dedicated and credentialed air ambulance providers globally, representing more than 500 planes being available at a moment’s notice.

Equipment reserve dedicated to crisis management

With the largest medical equipment and oxygen reserves in the global assistance market with over €2M worth of medical equipment in addition to 200,000 liters of aero medical oxygen, we can manage up to 70 major cases at any one time.

Adapted software for proper tracking & reporting

We manage crisis situations through our own assistance and claims online tool, SAX. It is the result of many years of in-house development in the Europ Assistance Group and is continuously being refined and molded to the needs of the business. With SAX we are able to manage all the logistical, clinical and financial aspects of a case and generate custom designed reports both internally and externally.

Complete database on medical facilities

GCS’ Corporate Medical Network™ includes nearly 10,000 acute care facilities and over 600,000 physicians and specialists in 130 countries available to provide emergency care to your employees in the event of a crisis.

An extensive experience in crisis management
  • 2013 Turkey Protests
  • 2011 Egypt Protests
  • 2011 Japan Earthquake
  • 2010 Haiti Earthquake
  • 2004 South Asia Tsunami