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Our management team is fully focused on providing our clients with complete satisfaction with regards to the services we provide.


Most of our managers have lived and worked abroad and have learnt from these experiences to work alongside international organizations with a comprehensive understanding of their issues and constraints.


Each has its own set of skills that enables them to drive forward the company as a whole from within they are own department, whether it is Medical, Operations, Systems, Business Excellence, Business Development & Marketing, Resources and General Management.

GCS Headquarters

GCS Headquarters are located in Saint Denis, France. Key functions are managed by experienced people, all having an international background and knowledge of the field, able to address the needs of our clients and offer solutions with the best adapted services. [...]

GCS - ITPA Division

Emmanuel Légeron is the CEO of GCS - ITPA Division entities, located in Toronto and Sunrise (USA). Teams are formed of senior international experts, well-known and recognized by the industry as some of the best in the world.  

Regional Offices

To serve our clients with the understanding of their regional context and environment, trustful professionals are positioned at the head of our regional offices. Their role of local and regional representatives of GCS ensures our clients and their members with a dedicated management of their account and operations.