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Our partners have been carefully chosen for their understanding of our activities and our approach to clients' requests. We work hand in hand bringing synergies and experience in each other’s fields.


Our capability to provide health solutions worldwide is strengthened by international expert organizations and local medical facilities allowing us to accompany our clients wherever their operations take them.


Our safety and security services are fully supported by our unique security partner, Drum Cussac. Our partnership allows us to answer our clients’ need for a combined offering of health, safety and security solutions.



Worlwide Strategic Partners

Our worldwide strategic partners allow us to provide added value services to our clients as well to our partners’ clients.


Local Key Medical Partners

We have identified quality local healthcare providers in specific countries, where our clients operate, and opted to partner with them in order to combine their local know-how and GCS’ expertise in helping oil & gas, mining, offshore and maritime industries improve the health of their local and expatriate populations.



We have partnered with industry leading experts in order to best answer our clients’ specific requirements.